Roller Skates Blazer 2 Stripe Disco Quad Roller Skate

blazer roller skates
Roller Skates Blazer 2 Stripe Disco Quad Roller Skate. Suede effect Boot style disco skates.Blazer 2 Stripe Disco Quad Roller Skate comes with heavy duty polished trucks and base plate.Comes with TJB Bearings.These roller skates are very good quality, and have lasted me a very long time.I know people say they are uncomfortable at first,but you find this with all roller skates. I recommend these to any one,as they look really cool as well as being awesome.This roller skate is one of best roller skates for women from Blazer.

Features of Blazer 2 Stripe Disco Quad Roller Skate

Customer Reviews
  • See what customer saying about this roller skates for women "ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SKATES!!!My granddaughter absolutely loved these skates and has hardly taken them off! They are extremely well made and just as described."
  • Other people saying "GREAT SKATES!!!I bought these roller skates the other week as i fell in love with them online. when they arrived i was slightly dubious of them as after i ordered them i read the reviews and was surprised at how bad people were saying they were. however i will completely disagree with these review as i have been using these boots for a couple weeks now and they haven't developed any problems to this day. They are a great buy, however i do agree on the aspect of the soles being very thin but that problem is easily solved by just buying new insoles."
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